Ben Richmond

Founder and CEO

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Driven by a vision to transform regulatory compliance, Ben founded CUBE in 2011. Once described as the ‘world-beating Rockstar of RegTech’, Ben is our results-driven CEO with a focus on progression, growth, and transforming compliance.

Ben started his career in technology at MISys where he realised the untapped potential hidden within unstructured data. With this in mind, Ben built a business centred around harnessing unstructured data for the greater good within financial services. In 1998, he founded CUBE, with a view to set the global standard for AI-driven regulatory compliance.

In the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, Ben was quick to see that the future of financial services was going to change. The industry had been brought to its knees due to a lack of efficient controls. Ben saw that the future of finance was rooted in more rules and regulations – unstructured data that needs to be harnessed and classified by financial institutions.

With this vision in mind, Ben founded CUBE.

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