An update from our CEO on COVID-19

An update from CUBE Founder and CEO, Ben Richmond, regarding how CUBE continues to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Amanda Khatri

Editorial Manager

Posted: 2020-11-10

An update from CUBE Founder and CEO, Ben Richmond, regarding how CUBE continues to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 continues to present global challenges for individuals, families, society and the economy, however even during such times of uncertainty and adversity there are always positive opportunities for change. While the future remains unclear, CUBE is focussing on the positives: we’re continuing business as usual working from home, we’re finding new and exciting ways to engage with our teams in a virtual-only world, and the outlook for RegTech is optimistic across the board, if anything spurred on by a recognition that technology for automation in this sector is needed now as much as ever before.

At CUBE, we’re doing all we can to ensure stability and certainty for our customers as well as our employees. We continue to provide our customers with first-class innovation, products and support. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen a high level of interest from financial institutions who are keen to deepen and automate their regulatory intelligence. COVID-19 appears to be inspiring a technological shift in more ways than one.

Our employees have always been presented with home-working options, so there’s not too much that needed to change for us in that regard to ensure we continued to provide high levels of customer service. Our business functions continue to thrive in home-working conditions; our team are productive, efficient and motivated to carry out best-in-class work. On top of that, our employees are avoiding commutes and business travel, which is significantly reducing our carbon footprint – a cause we are all passionate about.

To support our employees in their health and wellbeing, we will continue to work entirely from home until the end of the year and then assess again. CUBE has introduced a ‘Design Your Home Office’ policy, whereby we are making investments in the setup our employees need to create their perfect home working environment. We have an ‘always on’ policy in terms of our video conferencing so we can walk into our virtual office and enjoy face-to-face interaction in the ‘new normal’ – we’ve also introduced companywide, virtual socials!

From all of us at CUBE, we continue to wish you and your families good health in the coming months. We will monitor the ongoing situation, and endeavour to support our staff and our customers in whatever way we can.

Ben Richmond, Founder and CEO, CUBE