Collaborate with customisable workflows across RegPlatform. Workflows can be used for risk assessments, collaboration, impact assessments, regulatory change processing and more.

Increase and improve collaboration

RegFlow connects team members and stakeholders irrespective of where they are located or the time-zone they operate within. Colleagues can easily see items that require their attention and complete actions subject to importance.

How it Works

RegFlow orchestrates workflow

RegFlow supports the design, development and presentation of multi-step workflows which can be associated with content inside the RegBook and RegInsight modules. Typical workflow patterns include Risk Assessments, Impact Assessments and Action Plans.

The workflows are fully customisable and respect role-based authorisation, allowing specific forms to be presented to team members with specific roles in the process. RegFlow orchestrates the workflow as it progresses through the full lifecycle.

Client Profiling

Client profiling ensures that regulatory content is relevant for your firm. Why waste precious time and resources reading and processing irrelevant information when it can be automatically excluded?

Profile by jurisdiction

A jurisdiction represents the area that specific regulations apply. A jurisdiction could cover several countries or be restricted to a single country or even state or region within a country. Exclude the jurisdictions where you do not have offices or offer any products or services.

Profile by issuing body

An issuing body is an organisation or department that publishes regulatory information. Exclude issuing bodies that publish rules or regulations that are not relevant to your business.

Profile by issuance type

The issuance type is a high-level categorisation of content and can be used to prioritise or filter regulatory content. For example, you may want to focus on rule books, acts and laws and exclude speeches, guidance and consultations within your profile.

Want to know more?

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