Crypto Compliance Insights: A CUBE Data Report

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Crypto Compliance Insights: A CUBE Data Report
Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Senior Editorial Manager

CUBE’s insights team mined the largest existing inventory of standardised regulatory data for trends and flashpoints to guide businesses active in, or assessing, the cryptocurrency and cryptoasset space.

The results are presented inside Crypto Compliance Insights: A CUBE Data Report, which is free for you to download. Just fill out this form to access the report.

Hundreds of thousands of regulatory issuances and insights relating to the crypto world have been published during the last 12 months, to which we applied cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to glean insights into regulatory trends and supervisory thinking.

This comprehensive analysis cuts through the noise to deliver insights for businesses eager to learn more about crypto compliance.

Our experts added context to the data to unpack which regulators have been the most active and why, who are the thought leaders, which territories are leading the way with laws, and what the picture looks like in 2024.

Regulatory Trends and Insights

In the ever-quickening world of crypto, staying informed and ahead of regulatory change is imperative. Crypto Compliance Insights: A CUBE Data Report offers a meticulous examination of the regulatory landscape over the last year, with input from experts on what to expect in 2024.

What’s inside Crypto Compliance Insights: A CUBE Data Report

Unrivalled insights: CUBE’s team minded hundreds of thousands of regulatory issuances, from active to proposed legislation, laws in force, proposals, consultations, white papers, blogs and enforcement notices.

Global overview: Our team delivers a global perspective on crypto developments from the most active markets around the world. Get an understanding into how different jurisdictions are approaching and shaping crypto regulations.

Charting compliance: Discover enforcement trend data, consumer protection mandates, matters of international regulatory harmonisation and other essential compliance insights.

What the data tells us about crypto regulatory change

The genie may be out of the bottle in regard to the crypto revolution, but regulators are determined to ensure innovation must be balanced against compliance at all costs. Our data report empowers compliance professionals active or researching crypto to proactively respond to regulatory changes on the horizon.

Knowledge is a strategic asset for compliance functions. To further your understanding of the increasingly complex crypto regulatory environment, download a free copy of Crypto Compliance Insights: A CUBE Data Report and arm yourself with data-driven insights that can help guide your business through the dynamic world of crypto.

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