Payments Industry Insights

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Payments Industry Insights
Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Senior Editorial Manager

The payments sector stands on the precipice of unprecedented change.

Traditional systems that were built generations ago to facilitate transactions are creaking under the strain of ferocious digital commerce growth and evolving consumer expectations.

There is a growing sense amongst governments that the new world requires a new type of financial infrastructure and set of regulatory guardrails to contain the phenomenon of digital payments.

Our free playbook, Four steps to navigate the coming storm in payments regulation, is the essential guide for compliance executives charged with helping chart their organisations through these waters.

Download our free playbook

There is clear evidence that leveraging Automated Regulatory Intelligence inside the compliance function can help payments firms address the risks on the horizon and continue innovating within the boundaries of evolving regulatory requirements.

Our free playbook delivers actionable intelligence, guidance, and best practices shaped by users, practitioners, and leading thinkers in regulatory change.

What’s inside: 

Tailored strategies: Crafted specifically for the payments sector, our playbook offers tailored strategies to tackle regulatory change with AI.

Bespoke insights: Learn from the experts how to get ahead of regulatory uncertainty with automation and generate game-changing efficiencies with practical guidance. 

Proactive risk mitigation: Discover how to identify, assess and mitigate risks with Automated Regulatory Intelligence, and how machine learning can help you build a robust compliance framework capable of delivering compliance in fintech’s fastest moving sector.

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Equip your compliance function with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the challenging regulatory environment of payments. 

Download our free playbook to unveil four steps to navigate the coming storm in payments regulation and unlock the power of Automated Regulatory Intelligence. 

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