Cyber and Information Security

Ensuring compliance is crucial for effective cybersecurity programs. Stay in step with the ever-growing wave of information security regulations.

Global cybersecurity incidents are on the rise

Regulators and governments have intensified cyber standards and are imposing heavier penalties for non-compliance. The business world is facing tough new disclosure requirements for breach incidents, enhanced reporting responsibilities, and rigorous operational resilience stress-testing. Stay ahead of the curve in the fast-moving realm of cyber compliance with CUBE’s leading AI-powered solutions.


Personal data hacks daily


Account breaches globally per year


Spam emails sent daily


Global SMEs breached annually


Annual global cost of cybercrime


Average cost of breach for US corporates

Counting the costs of weak cyber compliance

Non-compliance with cyber rules carries a hefty price tag. 

The 'IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023' reveals a global average cost of $4.45m for a data breach, 

and the potential for reputational damage is even more severe. 

Effective AI cyber compliance practices are a strategic necessity to protect businesses 

and meet the ever-tightening regulatory expectations. 

CUBE's Automated Regulatory Intelligence tools ensure that your cyber policies and controls 

align seamlessly with always-current compliance obligations.

We go beyond alignment, offering continuous monitoring for updates, reinforcing identity management processes,

and keep you ahead of evolving certification requirements.

CUBE supports cyber resilience

CUBE’s Automated Regulatory Intelligence can be customised to your organisation’s individual requirements, helping you identify relevant cyber and information security challenges ahead of time.

Cyber and information security solution

Automated Regulatory Intelligence

Understand the world’s regulatory content. Standardise and map changes to your business profile and compliance frameworks with the most comprehensive automated solution.

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