Complex businesses need more than real-time updates of international tax standards; get AI-powered insights into emerging tax risks.

Tax compliance is a C-suite priority

Staying compliant with tax-related obligations is increasingly challenging. Financial transaction taxes, reporting obligations, corporation tax and due diligence requirements are expanding in complexity and volume. The impact of these shifting responsibilities goes beyond the finance office, requiring action by boards, CEOs, and C-suite executives.


Businesses are seeking new tax tools


Businesses have one or more ERP system


Annual cost of US tax fraud

Simplifying tax complexities

The European Commission and the IRS continue to target the world’s largest firms over tax matters

related to profit-shifting and transfer pricing, with multi-billion-dollar cases

against major corporations having a significant trickle-down impact. 

Leaders need to ensure that tax, accounting, and legal teams have the right regulatory change management tools

to meet the constantly evolving landscape of reporting obligations and data collection.


CUBE maps the world of tax regulations against your existing policies, controls, and procedures,

using advanced AI and natural language processing to simplify the most complex obligations.  

CUBE’s bespoke tax solutions allow for constant monitoring of state, regional, national,

and international tax developments in any global jurisdiction. 

Manage tax regulatory changes with CUBE

Our suite of customised Automated Regulatory Intelligence solutions can help your business overcome any tax compliance challenges.

Tax solution

Automated Regulatory Intelligence

Understand the world’s regulatory content. Standardise and map changes to your business profile and compliance frameworks with the most comprehensive automated solution.

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