Highly Regulated Industries

Whether it is healthcare, energy, finance, or government, CUBE is the number one solution for regulatory compliance.

Growth in an environment of risk

Corporate scandals, fraud, geopolitical unrest, and macroeconomic shocks are causing regulators to tighten rulebooks.

Non-compliance is bringing ever-larger fines and the existential threat reputational damage can carry.

AI and machine learning in the compliance function are helping regulated businesses get ahead of risks.


CCOs expect greater compliance pressures in coming years


CCOs struggling to manage the volume of new regulation


Budget spent on cybersecurity compliance alone

Compliance solutions for high-risk enterprises

CUBE is the complete regulatory change management solution for highly regulated businesses. From horizon scanning to intelligent obligation management and automated policy and control mapping, CUBE is the trusted partner of compliance for high-risk businesses.

Why high-risk businesses turn to CUBE for compliance

CUBE helps businesses with GDPR, CCPA, and any other regulatory compliance demand governing privacy, advertising, consumer protection, cybersecurity, financial products, corporate governance and more.

AI compliance strategies for high-risk sectors

Download our free playbook and discover how Automated Regulatory Intelligence is reshaping compliance for highly-regulated businesses. With insights and actionable guidance from experts, learn how to harness AI and get ahead of risks.

Automated Regulatory Intelligence

Understand the world’s regulatory content. Standardise and map changes to your business profile and compliance frameworks with the most comprehensive automated solution.

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