Take the pain out of insurance compliance with automated horizon scanning and capture of business-critical regulatory updates.

Heightened risk environment

The regulatory outlook for insurers is tightening.

Cybersecurity, data breach, climate risk and consumer protection rules are fuelling the need for more robust oversight.

As regulation becomes more dynamic, so does compliance.


Of insurers view climate risk regulations as their biggest threat

By 2025

The cyber insurance market will be worth $22bn


Insurance fraud penalties collected by regulators

Transforming compliance

CUBE's modern data platform is helping forward-thinking insurers remodel their approach to compliance and find value in regulatory change management. Our regulatory inventory for insurers is the largest available anywhere, and is updated in real-time to help insurers meet the growing burdens of the age.

Risk-free compliance management

CUBE automates time-consuming tasks across the entire regulatory lifecycle, allowing compliance professionals to concentrate on strategy and value-addition.

A 4-step plan to transform insurance compliance with AI

AI can help insurers strengthen compliance frameworks and deliver efficiencies in an era of regulatory upheaval. Download our free guide and learn how to embed AI and get the most out of next generation technologies.

Automated Regulatory Intelligence

Understand the world’s regulatory content. Standardise and map changes to your business profile and compliance frameworks with the most comprehensive automated solution.

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