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New frontiers of tech regulation

A labyrinth of stringent financial regulations awaits tech firms pushing into financial services and digital payments.

Understanding and adhering to the regulatory frameworks is paramount given the risks at stake.

Failing to comply poses legal challenges, and can further jeopardise trust in tech firms to protect consumers.


People who want more regulation of tech companies


People concerned about how tech firms handle their data


Tech providers who back AI to improve trust

Eliminate technology risks with CUBE

CUBE empowers technology firms to balance innovation with growing regulatory demands. Automated Regulatory Intelligence is helping tech firms anticipate regulatory trends and understand where they need to direct compliance resources.

Find out why tech innovators rely on CUBE

As RegTech leaders since 2011, we understand how tech firms think, and how they can achieve compliance. CUBE's Automated Regulatory Intelligence platform is instrumental in helping tech leaders navigate an era of heightened regulatory oversight.

A 4-step playbook for AI in tech compliance

Regulation is coming for the technology sector. Download our free playbook to learn how AI can be harnessed across compliance functions to help tech firms meet their obligations. Tailored for tech firms, curated by experts.

Automated Regulatory Intelligence

Understand the world’s regulatory content. Standardise and map changes to your business profile and compliance frameworks with the most comprehensive automated solution.

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