Barrie Ingman

Financial Regulatory Lawyer at Citi Group and award-winning thought leader, specialising in financial services regulation

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Barrie Ingman

About Barrie Ingman

Barrie is a qualified Barrister, practising Solicitor and award-winning thought leader, specialising in financial services regulation. After graduating with a distinction from law school and at university, in both Law (LLM) and Business (MBA), he embarked on a career in the financial services sector. Over the last 20 years, this has spanned policy and prosecutorial work for the regulator, litigation work in private practice, and several high-profile advisory roles at a number of the world’s leading international investment banks.

During his career, Barrie has represented the Government in judicial review applications, led several investigations for the regulator and the regulated alike, established a regulatory team at a leading fintech firm, and published extensively on the topic of financial regulation, including an award-winning article on shadow banking, published in the Journal of International Banking Law, which won the 2018 Lombard Prize.

Barrie currently specialises in ESG regulation, among other regulatory matters, and is considered a subject matter expert on the topic, regularly publishing articles on emerging developments in the field, several of which have been picked up and cited by news agencies and other specialist media outlets such as Forbes. He also presents on the topic in conferences and on panels with other leading subject matter experts.