Richard Maton

Managing Director, Aperio Strategy

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Richard Maton

About Richard Maton

Richard provides strategy, go-to-market, operations, and investment support for fast-growth companies. Drawing on years of industry experience, Richard facilitates more effective alignment between policy, regulation, financial service providers, and tech firms to accelerate the adoption of digital solutions and new business models.

He is an advisor to scaling FinTech and LegalTech firms, deep-tech venture builders, and accelerators, as well as being the founder of the Financial Institution Innovation Network (FIIN) supporting industry-led data science and innovation initiatives.

In between all of this, Richard is a mentor at Allen & Overy’s Fuse tech innovation space, an Executive Board Member at the International RegTech Association and a founding team member for behavioural analytics firm Sybenetix.

Over the years, Richard has held global roles in commercialising data warehousing and transformative technologies in multiple industries and been responsible for the delivery of public/private sector-funded programmes for the UK Government.