Stephanie Sfakianos

Director, Chasecutter Ltd and previously, Head of Sustainable Capital Markets, BNP Paribas

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Stephanie Sfakianos

About Stephanie Sfakianos

Stephanie has a comprehensive financial services background in fixed income and money markets as an originator in a career spanning more than thirty years. In 2013, while working at BNP Paribas, Stephanie identified an opportunity to align her personal interest in sustainability with the business interests of the bank and its clients. She created a team dedicated to sustainable capital markets, the aim of which was to structure and distribute bonds with environmental benefits. She worked on the integration of sustainability considerations into the daily activities of the capital markets business, and oversaw the fast-growing green/social/sustainable bond franchise for four years, before being promoted to a more strategic role advising the bank’s key issuing and investing clients on sustainable finance.

Stephanie has worked with issuers across all sectors (sovereigns, agencies, supranationals, corporates and financial institutions) as well as with investors (asset managers, asset owners, sovereign wealth funds and insurers).  Stephanie was an active member of the European green mortgage coalition and was responsible for efforts to build a task force in the UK.

Since leaving the industry, Stephanie has worked as a Special Advisor to the UK based Green Finance Institute and the Impact Investing Institute, using her comprehensive, practical experience of the financial services industry to support a series of coalitions creating workable, scalable financing solutions to drive the low carbon economy. She works actively with the British Standards Institution and the International Standards Organisation on the development of relevant standards around sustainable finance.