Seamlessly integrate CUBE Regulatory Intelligence to your internal systems for full lifecycle management of compliance.

Better together with connected systems

The benefits of individual systems are multiplied when integrated with other systems. Leverage existing technology and increase automation and compliance effectiveness.

How it Works

A bi-directional API for Integration

RegConnect provides a set of tools and API-based services to help development teams integrate RegPlatform with GRC solutions and other compliance-related systems.

Following appropriate authorisation, an application can automatically pull CUBE regulatory intelligence, perform RegPlatform functions, and supply updates and enriched data from other systems. Linking laws, rules and regulations to the policies, procedures and controls within a GRC platform enables simple resource reviewing when the underlying linked regulation changes.

Client Profiling

RegConnect integrates with RegProfile to only expose relevant regulatory content. Effective profiling can dramatically reduce the amount of regulatory content that is retrieved from RegPlatform.

Profile by jurisdiction

A jurisdiction represents the area that specific regulations apply and may cover several countries or be restricted to a single country, state or region within a country. Exclude the jurisdictions where you do not have office locations or where you do not do business.

Profile by issuing body

An issuing body is an organization or department that publishes regulatory information. Exclude issuing bodies that publish forward-looking content that is not relevant to your business.

Profile by issuance type

The issuance type is a high-level categorisation of content and can be used to prioritise or filter regulatory content. For example, you may want to focus on guidance, consultation and speeches and exclude newsletters and digests within your profile.

Want to know more?

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