Build a unique profile that accurately reflects the jurisdictions, products, services, and issuance types that are relevant and of interest.

Sort the signal from the noise

Finding, reading and processing regulatory content takes time and resources. RegProfile allows you to include or exclude content at a granular level, saving time by eliminating the need to process irrelevant content.

How it Works

Advanced profiling built on reliable classification

RegProfile allows firms to manage a unique profile for their organization. Users can specify jurisdictions, issuing bodies, issuance types and regulatory topics to include or exclude.

Modifications to the profile are tracked to allow for version comparisons. RegProfile can be used to filter content across several content modules within RegPlatform, including RegBook and RegInsight. Accurate profiling is achieved as CUBE captures, processes, classifies and enriches every piece of regulatory content and automically filters it based on a client profile.

Want to know more?

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