Data is the lifeblood of modern business and its quality is of prime importance to CUBE. Error-free, consistent, and accurate data powers the automated compliance reports delivered to your desktop.

Accurate data every time

RegReport enables you to extract information across RegPlatform for further analysis or to feed other systems and processes

How it Works

RegReport provides a comprehensive module to view, analyse and extract information from across RegPlatform.

Reports can be exported into Microsoft Excel and filtered using a set of relevant parameters. Report content covers reference content from CUBE combined with your own activity and reference taxonomies.

The authorization model ensures that only users who have the required roles can access data.

Client Profiling

RegReport integrates with RegProfile to only display relevant regulatory content. Effective profiling can dramatically reduce the amount of regulatory content that you need to process.

Profile by jurisdiction

A jurisdiction represents the area that specific regulations apply. A jurisdiction could cover several countries or be restricted to a single country or even state or region within a country. Exclude the jurisdictions where you do not have commercial or logistical operations.

Profile by issuing body

An issuing body is an organisation or department that publishes regulatory information. Exclude issuing bodies that publish forward-looking content that is not relevant to your business.

Profile by issuance type

The issuance type is a high-level categorisation of content and can be used to prioritise or filter regulatory content. For example, you may want to focus on guidance, consultation and speeches and exclude newsletters and digests within your profile.

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