Benefits of using RegTech for regulatory change to prevent non-compliance

How CUBE can help

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In this report, we look at several challenges faced by global financial institutions in this era of high-velocity regulatory change, from the volume of requirements to the hyper-scrutiny of global regulators and the high cost of non-compliance.

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This report explores:

  • The volume, variety and complexity of regulatory requirements
  • Multi-jurisdictional compliance challenges
  • Regulatory overlaps
  • The cost of non-compliance
  • How regulatory intelligence is the solution

The answer to a lot of these challenges revolves around technology. Finding the right data, from the right source, at the right time – which is analysed, visualised and shared – can create regulatory intelligence in a way never seen before.

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How CUBE can help

Manual processes are not only expensive and slow, but unable to provide the degree of regulatory intelligence required to tell organisations which regulations are relevant to their business, and how to overcome compliance gaps.

CUBE provides the “golden source” of global regulation, covering more than 5,000 issuing bodies, 712 jurisdictions, 180 countries and 60 languages. Our solution doesn’t just automate existing processes, it automates the end-to-end compliance journey.

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