Financial Crime

Financial crime risks are evolving, anti-money laundering rules are hardening; CUBE helps businesses meet their obligations in the most agile way.

Surging financial crime risks

The further digitisation of trading has opened new doors for criminals to exploit, leading to heightened risks in the financial system from fraud and money laundering through virtual currencies and mobile banking. To safeguard against the looming threats of large fines, reputational damage, and the loss of regulatory trust stemming from financial crime, a robust compliance function is a necessity. Strengthen your defences and protect your financial integrity with proactive compliance measures.


Global annual white collar crime losses


Global businesses that have been defrauded


Global cost of annual occupational fraud


Average cost of business scam around the world


Executives who expect fraud to increase


Businesses that want better fraud controls

Taking the fight to financial crime

In the face of widening financial crime and escalating compliance costs, a strategic response is imperative. 


Addressing fast-moving risks requires a proactive approach to mitigate the damage 

from anti-money laundering, fraud, bribery, and other white-collar threats. 


CUBE's Automated Regulatory Intelligence solutions provide an effective response by 

identifying relevant changes to financial crime regulations worldwide in real time.  

Powered by AI, our solution automatically generates a tailored and comprehensive inventory of 

every pertinent legal and regulatory requirement—from whistleblowing and beneficial ownership registrations to

enhanced money laundering and due diligence requirements. 

Our machine-learning solutions go a step further by highlighting compliance gaps, enabling you to safeguard profits

and reputation with agility. Stay ahead in the battle against financial crime with CUBE’s proactive and intelligent AI solution.

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CUBE’s Automated Regulatory Intelligence solutions provide advanced notice of financial crime and AML regulatory trends.

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